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Natural Strep Throat Protocol

Have you recently found yourself with a positive strep test? My friend, Beth (from fit2be.us) did and this is the natural strep throat protocol her naturopathic doctor had her follow. I wanted to share her experience with you! Guest Post by Beth Learn: When I got Strep Throat a couple months ago, I saw it as an… 

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Frugal Secrets of Real Foodies

40+ family-friendly recipes using frugal ingredients, money saving tips and much more! I recently teamed up with four other budget-conscious whole foodie friends to write an eBook called The Frugal Secrets of Real Foodies.  I’m so excited to tell you about what’s inside and share with you the all the specials and giveaways we have planned for this week! What’s Inside: In The… 

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Safely Cleaning with Homemade Methods

Ever thought about making your home greener by using natural cleaning products? It is not only safer, but cheaper! Guest poster, Hilary Kimes Bernstein of Accidentally Green, is a wife, mom, and a writer. Today, she is going to show us the many ways she keeps her house clean, and family safe, by making her own household… 

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Ultimate Homemaking Bundle – Available Now!

Coming soon is an AMAZING eBook bundle sale… the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. So many great authors and so many great topics. I am honored to be one of the authors, so I am especially excited to share this resource with you. Unfortunately, I can’t announce exactly what is included yet, but there are so many… 

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The Sweeter Side of Candida

This post may contain affiliate links. Learn more in my Disclosure Policy. I’m so excited to announce the arrival The Sweeter Side of Candida dessert cookbook in softcover!! Candida is a health issue that effects many of us. It’s a internal fungus that almost everyone has. No one really takes notice of it because it’s usually harmless…. 

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All-Natural Toothpaste

It is funny how certain questions come in waves… I have had a lot of inquires lately about how I make my own toothpaste, or as some call it, “tooth soap.”. . . Like most families, we have had our run with all the “name brand” toothpastes out there. Yes – all the ones that… 

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Summer Tips for Using Essential Oils

There is no better time, than as we head into the summer season, to get some tips on using essential oils. Sunscreen and chemicals do not have to go together! Learn how to make your own, safe alternative. Guest poster, Bre Taylor of Nourishing the Home, is a wife, mom, blogger and doTerra affiliate. Today,… 

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Cooking in Bulk Saves Dinner

Do you ever cook in bulk? We do. Every week. Stop by our house on any given Sunday afternoon and you will find us in the kitchen getting food ready for the week. When I use the term “cooking in bulk”, most think that I am cooking specific meals, planned weeks in advance, while spending… 

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Raw Cheesecake Recipe

I love dessert, and cheesecake is no exception. There is just something about the tart and sweet combined with the smooth and creamy. Yum! We recently had dinner with friends and I was put in charge of the dessert.  I made my gluten-free chocolate chip cookies the last time we got together, so I decided… 

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Goodbye Gatorade

I am officially a soccer mom. There is nothing cuter than a bunch of three-year olds playing “small fry soccer” (except for said three-year olds dressing up like princesses). I have the minivan… and I now have the little athlete.   Tonight was the first official game of my soccer mom career. My sister and… 

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Raw Chocolate Cake with Avocado Icing

I love sweets and my kids love sweets… so I pulled together a simple cake recipe that can be whipped up quickly. I love this combination of ingredients. I also love that I am getting avocado into my picky nine-year old. I’ve used this for a date night at home with the husband, as a… 

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